March 8th, 2011

wrong pig

Please check out my new beauty blog

So I haven't posted here in, what, a year? Um, hi!

One of the reasons I haven't been here is that I wanted to pour more of my in-front-of-computer efforts into something meant for a larger audience--something that was less navel-gazing but still personal and authentically me. That has turned into The Beheld.

It's a blog about women and beauty, examining why we care about our appearance in the ways we do, while acknowledging that every woman has a unique relationship to beauty and the mirror--I conduct interviews with women whose professions and passions lend them a particular insight into beauty to help me out with the last part. There's still plenty of navel-gazing (it's still me, after all!) and in fact I've turned to a couple of entries from here on occasion and repurposed them for The Beheld.

So if you've ever enjoyed my writing over here, please visit me at The Beheld. Bookmark it! Comment! Follow me on Twitter! (Dear god, I never thought I'd be saying "follow me on Twitter"--lo, how the pig slicing herself is entranced by new media! Is Twitter still considered new media?) And if you didn't care about my writing but just found me a fascinating jewel of a person, know that I'm doing well.

Really, The Beheld is largely a focused version of what I did over here--looking through my tags, my posts about beauty and body image were the most plentiful, and where I got the most personal rewards. Judging from the discourse that occasionally happened here on some of those posts, many of you have a lot to say on beauty as well. Please keep on saying it!